Should you choose teams calling
Brendan Ritchie
Brendan Ritchie
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Video: Should you choose Teams Calling?

You use Teams already and you want to know whether Teams calling with Direct Routing is right for your business. Let’s take a look. There is a lot of buzz around Teams calling with Direct Routing at the moment, it looks a great option for businesses running the Microsoft stack, and it often is.

But there are some scenarios where it will not be a good fit. Here is a quick rundown on how to determine where it makes sense for your business. 

The Good

So, if you have a simple requirements, you’re off to a good start. And by simple, I mean simple call flows. A basic IVR or auto attendant, which is the same thing.

If you’re looking at a unified solution, Teams Calling with Direct Routing has you covered and If your time of day rules on your auto attendant are limited to one or two variations, you’ll be okay.

The Showstoppers

Here is some detail on what isn’t going to work. If you’re running a call centre or a service desk, you aren’t going to get the reporting you need, Teams Calling just hasn’t been designed to provide the sorts of features you’d expect a call centre manager or help desk supervisor, for now at least.

Complex Call Flows & IT Provisioning

Complex call flows and queues, are going to be a nightmare for you, if required, you should be looking elsewhere.

In house expertise or access to a clued-up IT provider who can provision the Teams Calling environment using PowerShell is key. Without access to this, you should be looking at one of our other solutions.

Call Recording

Lastly, call recording isn’t natively supported at present, and while we see this as being one of the first blockers to be effectively solved, either by third party vendors or Microsoft directly, for now, it just isn’t supported.

We are here to help

So that’s a bit of high-level detail to help you off the mark as you look to determine whether adding calling to Teams is right for your business. As always, just sing out if we can help.

Give us a call on AU: 1300 016 678 – NZ 0800 534 567

P.s. if you are interseted in Teams Calling, check out the recording of Nick’s webinar here.


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