WAN (Wide Area Network)

Secure and fast transfer of information between all of your Australia and New Zealand offices with our MPLS WAN & SD-WAN services.

Lightwire’s comprehensive network services extend to offer traditional WAN (MPLS), SD-WAN, International Transit, and Managed Firewalls.

Our complimentary pre-sales design assistance ensures our service are built to suit your environment with redundancysecurity and speed front of mind. 

Lightwire WAN Solutions

Multiple offices

Private connections between sites and multiple internet gateways and/or local breakout internet


24/7 support is provided as standard on all business connections


Real time access to service information, features, and functionality through our portal, illume.


A MPLS WAN connects offices and end points across a single ISPs network, creating a secure path between each location. Typically, this design will see a Firewall deployed in a DC and/or head office.


Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN architecture that allows businesses to leverage any combination of circuit types, making local internet breakouts easier to provision. Smart failover, ease of provisioning, and native control and securely connect users to applications.


Lightwire Business provides fully managed WAN solutions, tailored for clients with multiple offices in New Zealand and/or Australia. Virtually any combination of circuit types can be used to create a purpose-built WAN solution for your business. 

These solutions can include components such as multiple internet gateways, BGP/VRRP fail-over, managed routers/firewalls and/or protected layer 2 trans-Tasman bandwidth. 

AWS Direct Connect and/or Azure Express Routes can also be included as part of our WAN solutions via our Australian network nodes or Megaport.

WAN Feature Highlights

  • Redundancy and Network resilience for Fibre, xDSL, fixed wireless, and 4G services
  • Fully automated fail-over
  • Advanced event notification for fail-over and data usage
  • Supports IP Pass-through and managed fail-over
  • Access to all major carriers in Australia and New Zealand
  • Ideal for SME, corporate, and enterprise

Guaranteed Up-Time Required?

When you can’t afford being offline our redundancy and failover service working in tandem with your primary connection is an excellent solution to minimise the possibility of internet outages.


SD-WAN, as its name implies, is a software-defined technology with application awareness that is deployed as an overlay technology to an existing or new network, which allows for ease of integration and adoption over time.  

The technology moves you towards increased security, local internet offloading and getting your traffic closer to cloud services with less latency and reduced bandwidth. Megaport, AWS Direct Connect, and Azure Express Route can also be included in our SD-WAN solutions. 

A Lightwire SD-WAN deployment is a great way to bring new levels of agility and speed to your network.

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