Teams Calling Webinar

Get to know Teams Calling and learn if it’s something for you and your organisation (or not) in this informal no obligations on-demand webinar with Nick Phillips.

What's this Webinar About?

With the recent surge in popularity, Microsoft Teams is now the go-to choice for most businesses as an internal communications tool. So why not make it your phone systems as well?

Watch Nick’s recorded webinar that is designed to help you make an informed decision on whether adding calling to Microsoft Teams is right for your business.

Learn about implementation, pricing, licensing, support and get answers to the most common questions we get about Teams Calling/Direct Routing.

About Nick Phillips

Nick Phillips - Business Development Manager at Lightwire Business
Nick spent the early part of his career in Managed IT Services. He focused on designing and implementing technology solutions for modern businesses that require secure, resilient and mobile solutions that scale. 

Now Nick is active in the telecommunication space working with IT and Network solutions providers around New Zealand and Australia to build out their network and voice offerings through the Lightwire Business partner programmes.

After Watching this webinar You'll know all about

  • Teams Calling (with Direct Routing)
  • Who Teams Calling is best suited to
    • An overview of key features such as auto-attendants, call queues, and Direct Calls
  • The true cost of Teams Calling
    • Find out how the Lightwire per channel model scales
    • Clarification on the Microsoft Licenses you need
  • How to support Teams Calling
    • Understanding the limitations and setting expectations around support, maintenance and provisioning
    • Reporting
  • The procurement and implementation process
    • A step through our Administrator config guide at a high level
    • Adding new users, and numbers after initial deployment
  • Upcoming features and compatible hardware
  • Case study and answers to the most frequently asked questions around Teams Calling

What makes our teams calling different?

Total service transparency and a unique pricing model. Lightwire Teams Calling pricing is based on how many simultaneous calls you can make. Connect all your users, share channels, and save money.

Webinar: Learn the ins-and-outs of Teams Calling

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