Business Wireless

200+ high sites delivering businesses across the Waikato and Bay of Plenty unlicensed wireless speeds up to 50/20 Mbps and licensed speeds up to 200/200Mbps.

Trusted to provide reliable and fast business wireless for

rural businesses need reliable connectivity now more than ever to maximise productivity and drive profit.

Enabling access to cloud technologies, infrastructure, IoT and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) such as Zoom, Office 365, AWS, Azure, Xero and Salesforce, and SAP has never been more critical.

Lightwire delivers reliable, low latency fibre-like speeds over our resilient Fixed Wireless network that powers some of the most data-hungry and connected rural SMB’s and Enterprises in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty.

Location is no longer a disadvantage to adopting new technologies and scaling your operation.

Unlicensed Wireless

Unlicensed services are lower cost, but those savings come at the expense of speed and performance. Having said that, unlicensed speeds average 50/20Mbps with unlimited data as standard, and all services are backed by our 24/7 support.

licensed Wireless

Licensed services provide faster speeds (up to 200Mbps) and minimise the risk of interference from other wireless services, meaning licensed wireless will have a superior SLA when it comes to jitter and packet loss targets.

Whether you pick Unlicensed or Licensed Business wireless

Performance comes as standard.

Connect multiple Buildings

Need to extend your business wireless connection and network to other buildings on your premise? With our on-site LAN and coverage extensions, we can extend your business wireless connection to provide maximum connectivity.

Don't let a lack of fibre hold your business back

Partner with Lightwire Business to take city connectivity to your rural business. 

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What Business Wireless is not


We use P2P and PtMP fixed wireless technology, not 3G, 4G, or 5G cellular. 


Providing fibre to rural businesses is typically too costly and impractical.


Fixed wireless provides lower latency than satellite. 

How Lightwire Fixed Wireless Works

A Lightwire technician installs a dish on the roof of your building that’s capable of receiving signals from a Lightwire tower site on a nearby hill. With a clear Line of Sight (LoS) between the site and your dish, the tower beams radio signals over which data is carried.

A network for more
than business wireless

Unlocking connectivity potential throughout the Waikato and Bay of Plenty with over 200 high sites that power projects like Hamilton City Council’s smart traffic network, Trilogy’s digital mobile radio, and Waikato Regional Council’s IoT Initiatives. 


Your internet speeds and service up-time are our top priority. We guarantee uptime with our Service Level Agreement (SLA) for unlicensed wireless service at 99% and 99.7% for licensed wireless. Uptime stats for unlicensed and licensed fixed wireless services have historically been at 99.99%.
 Response TargetUpdate AvailableTarget Service Restoration
Business Hours Support30 minutes upon request being received by Lightwire support personnelAt 4 hourly intervals

8 business hours for faults not requiring a customer site visit

48 hours (weekdays) for faults requiring a customer site visit

Business Wireless Pricing


Best effort speeds up to 50/20 Mbps.
$ 229 Monthly
  • Free install on 36 months term
  • Business SLA & Restore time
  • 24/7 Business Support
  • Enhanced On-Site Dish
  • Static IP Included
  • Unlimited Data

LICENSED 100/100

The closest thing to fibre in rural areas.
$ 490 Monthly
  • Business SLA & Restore time
  • Congestion free network
  • 24/7 Business Support
  • Enhanced On-Site Dish
  • Static IP Included
  • Unlimited Data

Licensed 200/200

Faster than most fibre connections.
$ 790 Monthly
  • Business SLA & Restore time
  • Congestion free network
  • 24/7 Business Support
  • Enhanced On-Site Dish
  • Static IP Included
  • Unlimited Data

All business wireless services are subject to availability, line of sight, and to be confirmed by a feasibility study once an enquiry is received. Service availability is not guaranteed on order acceptance. During the site scope stage, installations that are complex, high-risk or bespoke will be deemed non-standard and additional install costs may apply. Speeds are best-effort only.

Other term lengths and wholesale pricing available on request.

Install process

Request Wireless service

Let us know your preferred service and address or GPS coordinates by clicking the “request service” button below. Once we receive your information we check if we can service your location with fast and reliable business-grade wireless internet.

Coverage feasability &
Desktop analysis

We check to see if your site is within range of our network and perform a remote desktop analysis where we look at capacity, site location, and line of sight.

On-site scoping

A Lightwire technician will visit the site to confirm Line of Sight to one of our Towers and identify non-standard requirements and report back to our sales team.


Our sales team will then discuss your options and requirement and send out a digital agreement accordingly. 


Our field and provisioning team will book in a time to get you up and running.

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