Wireless Broadband

Lightwire is New Zealand’s largest independent provider of fixed wireless services. 

Fixed Wireless Broadband - Waikato & Bay of Plenty

Whether you are in a remote location or a more built up area and just need a high speed fixed wireless connection as part of your fail-over design, if you are in the Waikato or BoP, we can help. Licensed speeds up to 200 Mbps can be deployed, and unlicensed services reach up to 50/20 Mbps.  

How does wireless internet work?

We install a wireless receiver on the roof of a structure at your location, the size of the dish depends on the service type selected. The data transmits back to the main repeater site – usually located on top of a nearby hill (which is why we need a line of site from your remote location to the repeater site). Our repeater, or “high-sites”, are then connected into our core network by fibre connections, which ensures our clients can reach our ever expanding number of caches, exchanges, bi-lateral peers, and international routes.

Competitive Prices

Our premium business grade fixed wireless internet services bring all the benefits of being a fully connected business to our remote clients. Increased productivity and lower costs are gained through better use of cloud-based applications.

Multiple remote locations?

If you need to connect to multiple dwellings on your property, our clever team will figure out the right solution for you.

Our toolkit is huge when it comes to connecting you where you need it. Our on-site extensions and coverage extensions will bounce your internet connection to other locations on your property, or to neighbouring locations.

Reliability at its core

A network designed to create the best possible experience in connectivity. Connect with Lightwire Business for guaranteed satisfaction and an internet connection you can rely on.

Our network is constantly increasing coverage and capacity. Check our coverage map for confirmation of availability and pricing options, or call our sales team on 0800 534 567 to discuss your options. 

Licensed services provide faster speeds (up to 200 Mbps) and minimise the risk of interference from other wireless services, meaning they have a superior SLA when it comes to jitter and packet loss targets. 

Unlicensed services are lowers cost, but those savings come at the expense of speed and performance. Having said that, speeds up to 50/20 Mbps are still on offer with unlimited data as standard, and all services are backed by our 24/7 support.  

Need help choosing a plan? Contact us on 0800 534 567 or send a mail to sales@lightwirebusiness.com 

One of our technicians will come to your place to get you connected. They’ll mount a small wireless receiver on your roof which transmits back to the main repeater site – these are usually located on top of a nearby hill.

Services are demarcated as RJ45 cables, routers are not provided by default, although managed routers can be added for an additional fee if required.

Guaranteed Up-Time Required?

When you can’t afford to be offline, a fail-over mobile broadband service working in tandem with your primary connection is an affordable solution that minimises the possibility of internet outages.

Check Availability & Pricing

Using the service qualification tool allows you to quickly determine available internet services at a given address.


We are happy to help! Whether you want to have a chat over the phone on AU: 1300 016 678  NZ: 0800 534 567 or prefer to email sales@lightwirebusiness.com. Whatever works for you. We’ll be here.


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