Microsoft Teams Calling

with direct routing

Keep all communications in one place by adding high quality calling capability to Microsoft Teams. 

What is Teams Calling?

Lightwire enabled Teams Calling with direct routing completes Microsoft Teams by adding high quality calling functionality to and from the public phone network, directly from the Teams application.

It gives you the functionality of a traditional Business Phone System (PBX) with call-handling functions like call hold, transfer, forwarding and voicemail all in the cloud, but without the actual PBX.

How Teams Calling Works

Teams Calling
Microsoft has developed a way for Teams to be used as a fully-fledged business phone system (PBX). This solution is called Teams Direct Routing, which works by combining the Teams system to the world using two key elements: A Session Border Controller and SIP Trunks.
Lightwire has deployed this solution to allow you to connect your Teams instance to the world via our existing VoIP Platform.

Why Businesses Choose Microsoft Teams Calling

Unified Collaboration Experience

Teams allows you to bring all your technology, tools, and voice solutions in one place.

Modern Workforce Ready

Boost productivity for your people with a true collaboration hub they can access with any Teams enabled device, anywhere, and anytime.

Future Proof & Peace of Mind

Teams with calling enabled is flexible and easy to set up, scale, use, manage and secure.


Desk phone in the cloud

Empower your people to work more effectively when and where they need to by enabling them to make calls to landlines or mobiles within Microsoft Teams with Lightwire enabled Teams Calling.

  • Simplify calling – One business number lets you make and receive local, long-distance, mobile, audio or video calls through Microsoft Teams.
  • Full voice functionality – Get all traditional PBX call-handling functions like call hold, transfer, forwarding and voicemail all in the cloud.
  • Present a professional image – Reinforce your brand by enabling staff to use their existing business landline number whether in the office or on the road.
  • Enjoy freedom – Whether you prefer a deskphone, a mobile phone, or a headset plugged in your computer with Lightwire enabled Teams calling you can receive calls or call anywhere, anytime on your preferred device.


How much more freedom can you and your mobile workforce enjoy if you aren’t fixed to your office landline?

Ease of Use

Boost productivity by combining voice calling and productivity apps in one workspace with Teams and calling enabled by Lightwire. Plus, there’s no need to learn a new tool or a different one for calling if everything you need is inside Teams.

  • Clean and simple interface – making phone calls has never been easier
  • Calling integrates flawlessly with Teams – no weird third party add-ons required
  • A unified workspace for desktop and mobile
  • Familiar Microsoft tools – the Lightwire Teams Calling function builds upon that intuitive knowledge

What would an easy to use platform that increases collaboration, mobility, and enhanced calling capabilities mean for your organisation?

Teams Calling - dialpad
Teams Calling to the USA


Unify and simplify your voice plan while you have staff working across the USA, AUS and NZ.

We have established the capability to offer Teams Calling with Direct Routing on the same basis that we provide Teams Calling in NZ and Australia.

  • Less administration – live on the same Teams tenancy as the rest of your team while having a flat-rate unlimited calling plan
  • One relationship – have a single voice carrier relationship across 3 countries
  • Simplified billing – get billed in AUD or NZD for all services on one account

3CX or Teams Calling?

Not all voice solutions are created equal, and we want to make sure you have the right tools for your business.

Microsoft Teams has an intuitive and user-friendly environment; even the most tech-adverse people can easily collaborate and use full telephony functionality within Teams. However, if your business has requirements such as call recording, complex call flows and/or call centre functionality, then 3CX is likely a better fit.

Microsoft is pouring a lot of resources into Teams, which makes us believe that over time the features sets will start to converge but for now, if you are a small to medium-sized business that doesn’t require advanced calling features and just wants a collaborative space that has calling functionality added to it, then Teams Calling might be the perfect option for you.

If you need help working through functionality requirements, give us call and we can point you in the right direction

3cx or teams

Making informed voice decisions has never been easier

Know exactly what’s going on with your voice service from call volume to how many simultaneous calls you’re making. Illume, our customer portal transforms voice data into actionable information, so you can make informed decisions regarding your Teams Calling service.

How's Lightwire's Teams Calling different?


The Lightwire voice pricing model depends on how many simultaneous calls your organisation want to make or receive. Every concurrent call uses a channel and users can share channels. A smart concept that makes the uptake cost significantly lower, especially for corporate and enterprise entities.

Gone are the days where businesses are charged by the number of desks in their office, even if some of those workers aren’t making any calls.

And if you ever need help?

We have a friendly team of helpful voice engineers available 24/7 to give you hands-on support.Give us a call on AU: 1300 016 678 or NZ: 0800 534 567

How much is not taking action costing you?

Considering the cost of traditional phone systems or VOIP solutions where you pay per user, the costs of doing nothing could be much more than doing something about it.

Send us an email at or let’s chat over the phone on AU: 1300 016 678 or NZ: 0800 534 567

With Lightwire Teams Calling you can say goodbye to;

Migration and Deployment

Think of Teams as a phone system that you want to connect to Lightwire’s Standard SIP service. You will be responsible for the configuration of that phone system.

You have the power to make your own decisions – configure and assign users as you please. Lightwire sees Microsoft Teams as a 3rd party PBX and as such does not get involved in the configuration on the Microsoft side.

If you need assistance deploying Teams calling, the Lightwire Partner network is here to help. We can provide you with a list of local partners that can assist you with your deployment of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Licencing Requirements.


Teams Calling Webinar

Get to know Teams Calling and learn if it’s something for you and your organisation (or not) in an informal no obligations on-demand webinar with Nick Phillips.

Desk Phones for Teams Calling

Just because you don’t need desk phones anymore, doesn’t mean you should not be using one. Some staff will still want a desk phone, therefore we’ve sourced some Microsoft Teams certified phones to make this move easy for everyone.

Teams certified desk and conferencing phones allow a seamless Microsoft Teams experience for all participants on calls and conferences, as well as support increased collaboration and productivity.

As with all of our managed hardware solutions, any faulty units are replaced next business day.

Managed pricing based on a 24 month term. All prices excludes GST.

Want to try calling with Teams?

Sign up for the 14-day riskfree Teams Calling trial so you can judge the performance for yourself.

Teams Calling Pricing

Get all your internal and external communications within Microsoft Teams by adding high quality calling capability to Microsoft Teams starting from $44 per month.

Whether you just need a few channels to make simultaneous calls for a small branch office or enough channels to operate all the inbound and outbound calls for a large enterprise, we have a Teams Calling bundle that will suit your needs.

Have a question?

Give us a call on AU: 1300 016 678 or NZ: 0800 534 567

We’re here to help! Contact our friendly team of experts and we’ll answer any questions you might have.

Get started today.

We want to make this as easy and risk-free as possible for you, so we’re offering a 14-day trial.

Go through the onboarding process and get set up. If you’re happy after 14 days, pick one of our calling bundles to get started.

That way you can:

  • Judge our service for yourself as a Lightwire client
  • Experience a cost effective VoIP calling system
  • Make remote working easier for your staff
  • Have a phone solution that’s not limited to your office
  • Easily scale your voice system as your team grows
  • Enjoy high call quality

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact

Sign Up for the 14 day free trial

Calling charges

Where calls exceed the allowance within a selected bundle, the following rates apply:


Charge p/min

AU/NZ nationwide


AU/NZ mobile


1300 outbound


1300 inbound from landline


1300 inbound from mobiles


AU/NZ Tollfree inbound from landline


AU Tollfree inbound from mobile


NZ Tollfree inbound from mobile


United States landline


Singapore landline


United Kingdom landline


China landline


Additional services

Make the most out of your SIP bundle by adding one of the following services to your SIP channel bundle:

Additional Services

Charge p/month



AU/NZ 100 DDI Block


Australian 1300/1800 Number


NZ Tollfree number


500 Mobile Minutes


1000 Mobile Minutes


Service notes

  • SIP channels do not accommodate fax, alarm monitoring or EFTPOS.
  • Porting takes approximately 2-4 weeks to complete but lead times are best effort only.
  • Services are covered by Lightwire’s 24/7 business support.
  • Other rates available on request

Curious about our plans?

Learn how our Teams Calling per channel model scales better and how Lightwire’s Teams Calling can help your organisation save money.