Advisory Board Results Locked in for Q3

Lightwire Team Meeting

A big thank you to our advisory board participants who sat down with us over the last few weeks to detail their priorities for the coming quarter and to provide feedback on the features and products we released last quarter. Based on all the feedback received, we have come up with a really exciting list […]

Customer Led Innovation

Customer Led Innovation

The second round of advisory board meetings was a success – amazing features that will make our clients’ lives easier are planned! At Lightwire, we want key stakeholders to have a consistent and clear opportunity to help steer our direction. We have just wrapped up the second round of advisory board meetings with our diverse […]

Business improvements by our Clients

Customers at the steering wheel

Without our customers, we don’t exist. Pretty obvious I know, but through focusing on that simple reality we have realised that we need to bring in our customers to help plan the journey we are taking them on. The feedback gained is helping us improve and deliver better services, services that we know have our customer’s buy-in.  One way that […]

Lightwire’s Advisory Board

Lightwire's Advisory board

At Lightwire, we have been throwing a hell of a lot of time, effort and money into improving the business user experience, but recently we stepped back and paused to ask ourselves a few critical questions; How do we know that what we are working on aligns with our customer’s priorities? Do our customers know […]

Lightwire to plant 22,500 trees

MVNO market

I am delighted to say that Lightwire has taken its partnership with Ata Rangi Pastoral further with an announcement that we will fund the planting of 22,500 trees over 22.4 hectares at Ata Rangi’s Waikato location. The funding for this planting effort will run over 5 years, with Lightwire funding the planting of a hectare […]

Using Air New Zealand’s in-flight Wi-Fi

Air New Zealand in-flight Wi-Fi

Air New Zealand recently announced the price for its in-flight Wi-Fi service, with $40 being the flat fee they settled on… until they dropped it to $30 ten days later. In response to the initial announcement there was a plethora of opinions posted, with many lamenting the incursion of the internet into one of the […]

New managed router base model for Lightwire


Fortigate recently issued a new product matrix for 2017, and it had an interesting update to the 2016 version. Our base model router has until recently been the Fortigate 50e, which we chose in 2015 as it had an IPsec throughput of 200Mbps, which aligned well with the 200/200 UFB service, and also had an […]

Lightwire features in Air New Zealand’s KiaOra magazine

Lightwire features in Air New Zealands KiaOra magazine

This month we feature in the in flight Air New Zealand magazine, where BNZ have taken the opportunity to promote our success story, one which they have been a big part in fostering. Our ten years of success in the New Zealand market, and our recent expansion into Australia, have come off the back of […]

Staff benefits and how to keep them aligned

staff benefits

Keeping staff benefits aligned Lightwire is growing rapidly. Three months ago we were a team of about 30 or so, with all of the team based out of our fancy head office in Hamilton. Now we have staff in Wellington and the Gold Coast, with more appointments in new regions to be made in the […]