Customer Led Innovation

Customer Led Innovation

The second round of advisory board meetings was a success – amazing features that will make our clients’ lives easier are planned! At Lightwire, we want key stakeholders to have a consistent and clear opportunity to help steer our direction. We have just wrapped up the second round of advisory board meetings with our diverse […]

Business improvements by our Clients

Customers at the steering wheel

Without our customers, we don’t exist. Pretty obvious I know, but through focusing on that simple reality we have realised that we need to bring in our customers to help plan the journey we are taking them on. The feedback gained is helping us improve and deliver better services, services that we know have our customer’s buy-in.  One way that […]

Lightwire’s Advisory Board

Lightwire's Advisory board

At Lightwire, we have been throwing a hell of a lot of time, effort and money into improving the business user experience, but recently we stepped back and paused to ask ourselves a few critical questions; How do we know that what we are working on aligns with our customer’s priorities? Do our customers know […]

Phasing in digital agreements

sq tool

If you have been a client of Lightwire for some time you will be used to the process of receiving a PDF agreement, needing to print, sign, scan, and email back in order to have a service provisioned. Now Lightwire has moved to digital agreements for a number of services, including: ADSL2+/VDSL/Boost VDSL All UFB […]