We are passionate about connecting people and organisations. Our goal? Providing the best possible experience in connectivity. We simply don’t just look for the best solution, we create them.

Providing the Best Possible Experience in Connectivity

We exist to connect people and organisations. We don’t just look for the best solution, we create them. 

Internet Services

Lightwire Business currently offers two types of internet services;

Business Grade Internet for organisations that value reliable always on connectivity and fast support 24/7 – 365 days per year.

Mobile Broadband Solutions are Excellent as a Failover Service or as a Temporary Internet Solution.

Fixed Wireless Internet connect remote locations to the internet via Lightwire’s patented fixed wireless internet technology

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Voice Solutions

Lightwire Business currently offers three types of Voice solutions also known as unified communications platforms;

3CX, a feature-rich solution that allows your clients to save time and money. Lightwire Business provides end-to-end support and plug & play SIP trunks. We are a tested and certified 3CX Preferred Platinum Partner

SIP Lines are designed to be low cost, flexible and with increased functionality, SIP voice solutions don’t just connect your offices and clients in New Zealand and Australia, they connect staff wherever they are in the world.

Teams Calling completes Microsoft Teams by adding high quality calling functionality to and from the public phone network, directly from the Teams application. It gives you the functionality of a traditional Business Phone System (PBX) with call-handling functions like call hold, transfer, forwarding and voicemail all in the cloud, but without the actual PBX.

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WAN, Security, & Hardware

Are your clients ready to ditch dated office hardware? We have the solution. Managed Routers, Firewalls, IP Phones, and Headsets. We set your clients up for success. 

Protecting yourself (and your clients) is becoming increasingly more important as damages from cyber related crimes reach new highs and happen more frequently. Mitigate cyber related risks with Lightwire Business’ WAN & Security solutions.

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