Redundancy & Fail-over

Safeguard your business’ connectivity and never be offline again with redundancy and failover solutions from Lightwire Business.

Mobile broadband backup

Always-on connectivity and no more downtime

When you build a network for a small business, corporate or enterprise entity, the network has to meet these three basic requirements:

  • Consistent and reliable network connectivity (minimal interruption)
  • Be secure
  • Cost effective

Lightwire has a range of connectivity solutions to ensure uninterrupted access to your network and the internet.

Popular secondary connectivity services include 4G Mobile Broadband, VDSL and our own Lightwire Business Wireless in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty.

Where customers require path or technology diversity, often Mobile Broadband is the logical choice, and Lightwire’s mobile broadband offering was purposely designed and priced to be a scaleable secondary connectivity service, particularly for multi-site customers.

However, there are a number of scenarios where a diverse fibre path, copper, or a fixed wireless service may be better suited to your business continuity requirements.


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Business Continuity

Understanding the full cost of downtime

When the average person thinks about downtime costs, they’re probably focused on lost revenue. Or perhaps a combination of revenue and employee productivity. But the truth is that the costs of downtime are much farther reaching. 

According to independent data protection and security research firm, Ponemon, the largest share of downtime cost is business disruption—a category that includes reputational damage and customer churn. Revenue loss took second place in the firm’s research. And the third largest financial pain associated with incidents was end-user productivity

Another common category of losses is lost internal productivity—of the IT team tasked with resolving your incident, of adjacent teams involved in incident management (like PR, social media managers, and customer service reps), and of other employees affected by the outage. 

For software providers, SLA financial penalties, government fines (for any breach of regulatory requirements), and litigation and settlements are very real financial drains. And for companies dealing in physical products, depleted inventory is a significant risk. 

That’s not to mention contractor costsequipment replacement, and employee retention problems. After all, incidents cause stress. Stress creates unhappy workers. And unhappy workers leave. 

Cost of downtime

A Gartner study of the Fortune 1000 companies estimates that the costs of downtime averages from $5,600 per minute to nearly $9,000 per minute.

For small businesses, that number drops to the lower-but-still-significant tune of $137 to $427 per minute.

Cost of IT downtime

How much is the lack of connection costing you?

The cost of doing nothing could be much more than doing something about it.

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Are you prepared for business downtime?

Most businesses are dependent on constant and reliable internet connectivity, any amount of downtime could have a devastating impact on revenues, reputation and potentially, business viability.  What is your strategy for business downtime? 

Lightwire Business believes in protecting business continuity with Multi-WAN connectivity, and mobile broadband fail-over functionality to ensure maximum connectivity and minimum service interruption.

Get connected and keep connected with Lightwire Business’ fail-over enabled mobile broadband plans. Fill out the form and we will help you with your strategy to minimise your organisation’s downtime. 

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