Partner with Lightwire Business

Lightwire is predominantly channel focused, our systems and processes are tuned to deliver the insights and outcomes required. To make sure we have a solution that fits all market segments and priorities, we have formulated two key options.

Channel Partner

Enjoy monthly ongoing rebates for customers you have brought to Lightwire Business for the duration of the service. ​

We offer voice services rebates equal to 10% of a customer’s gross billing (GST exclusive) and 15% of gross profit on each Internet or WAN service sold to the customer. ​

Under the channel partner model, Lightwire Business handles the billing, support, notifications, and contract directly with the customer.


Our wholesale partners get access to our full range of products at a significant discount against Lightwire’s retail rates, allowing for white labelling and generous gross profit margins to be made.

Under our wholesale model you own the customer relationship – we’re here to provide you service and support.

Lightwire bills and sends notifications directly to you.

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