Internet Solutions

Internet Connectivity is the lifeblood of the modern organisation. We help you get and keep on-line.

Business Broadband

Business grade internet services offer you the advantages of ultra-fast internet with greater priority and levels of service. This ensures you get all the speed, consistency and reliability that sets business internet apart from consumer internet. Getting you online and keeping you online is our top priority.

Bespoke WAN

Hyperfibre / XGS-PON

Extremely fast internet for New Zealand users. Hyperfibre processing of a high volume of data with minimal delay and a fraction of the traditional cost.

Utilise full and hybrid cloud computing setups more effectively and efficiently.  Backup and replicate Gigabytes through to Terabytes of data to the Cloud or between offices backups quicker than ever before, which is great news for business continuity buffs.

But for the everyday user, there not going to see huge changes, unless their current Max 1000/500 Mbps best effort connection is getting tapped out, which for most is pretty rare.

Wireless Broadband

Using world-class wireless internet technologies and hilltop sites, our savvy team delivers rural business broadband solutions capable of up to 200Mbps across the Waikato and Bay of Plenty to  rural businesses. Lightwire has a range of options for customised and cost-effective rural internet connections.

4g mobile broadband

Mobile Broadband

Internet Connectivity is life. Mobile Broadband is a great option in the following scenarios:

  • Fail-over service working in tandem with a primary fixed line service
  • Temporary internet connectivity where primary access provisioning is delayed
  • Temporary office location where fixed line options are not cost effective

Choose a better way to get connected