This is not just any fibre, it’s Hyperfibre – the fastest Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) fibre. Satisfy your organisation’s need for speed with Hyperfibre. 

What is Hyperfibre?

Chorus was the first to coin the word “Hyperfibre” in order to promote their next generation of fibre services.  The technical name for the technology behind Hyperfibre is “XGS-PON”. The “X” in XGS represents the number 10, whereas the “G” stands for Gigabit, and the letter “S” stands for symmetrical. XGS-PON is a 10 Gigabit Symmetrical Passive Optical Network. XGS-PON technology enables you to reach an internet speed of up to 10Gbps for download and upload regardless of the distance. 

The initial Hyperfibre service will support best effort symmetric speeds up to 8Gbps, with 2Gbps and 4Gbps option launched initially. 

Want to learn more about what Hyperfibre is, the type of organisation it targets, and the technology behind it? Read our blog post.

Why Businesses Choose Hyperfibre

Save Time

Time is money. Shift large quantity of data without waiting hours. 

Low Latency

Means more responsive and capable cloud services and applications.

Future Proof & Peace of Mind

Hyperfibre sets your business up to meet internet capacity now, and in the future.

Who is Hyperfibre for?

Hyperfibre is ideal for companies that require huge amount of bandwidth to shift large quantities of data, fast 

Companies will be able to use these super-fast connections to utilise full and hybrid cloud computing setups more efficiently.  Backup and replication of  Gigabytes through to Terabytes of data to the Cloud, or between offices, will be possible faster than ever beforewhich is great news for business continuity buffs.  

Hyperfibre is ideal for businesses that: 

  • Need robust, symmetric bandwidth 
  • Support remote branches over MPLS and VPN 
  • Have a large quantity of users running HD voice and video applications (4K/8K) and pretty much all other cloud apps simultaneously 
  • Require rapid prototyping and deployment at scale 
  • Depend on offsite or Cloud server/application hosting and backup 
  • Upload and share huge files 

Reliability at its core

A network designed to create the best possible experience in connectivity. Connect with Lightwire Business for guaranteed satisfaction and a Hyperfibre connection you can rely on.

How's Lightwire's Hyperfibre different?

total transparency.

Our customer portal, illume is a key factor in our ability to provide the best possible experience in connectivity. Pulse is your detailed and highly configurable dashboard within illume that will help you;

  • Monitor different end user groupings with ease. 
  • Provide real-time service status
  • View circuit utilisation history
  • View service performance metrics such as latency & jitter.
  • Receive automated SMS and email alerts
  • Inform Network staff with the NOC Dashboard
  • Share NOC dashboard view with other staff and clients 


We are happy to help! Whether you want to have a chat over the phone on AU: 1300 016 678  NZ: 0800 534 567 or prefer to email sales@lightwirebusiness.com. Whatever works for you. We’ll be here.

Hyperfibre Availability & Pricing

Hyperfibre, the fastest Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) sounds expensive you say? You’ll be surprised. 

Hyperfibre BS2 2000 prices from $189 per month. 

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