What is Hyperfibre?


The last few months everyone in the New Zealand telco industry has been talking about Hyperfibre. But what type of organisation is Hyperfibre suited to? After reading this post you will know what Hyperfibre is, the type of organisation it targets, and the technology behind it. Chorus was the first to coin the word “Hyperfibre” […]

Dr. Murray Pearson & Lightwire Scholarship

Dr. Murray Pearson and Lightwire Undergraduate Scholarship

Lightwire is a proud to be backing the Dr. Murray Pearson and Lightwire Undergraduate Scholarship, supporting one lucky student in their second year of study in an undergraduate degree in computer science. “Lightwire continues to recruit a number of graduates from UoW each year and has a strong partnership with the university and its students, […]

Lightwire to join new Christchurch Exchange

Lightwire first to join new Christchurch Exchange

Our friends at New Zealand Internet Exchange Inc (NZIX), a not-for-profit society providing carrier-neutral peering points across New Zealand, and have created a new exchange in Christchurch (CHC-IX). Lightwire is among the initial group of 6 Internet service providers and 2 content providers that are joining the exchange. Who is at the CHC-IX now or […]

The Hyperfibre ONT

Hyperfibre ONT

The Hyperfibre ONT, it’s a router too! With the release of Chorus’ Hyperfibre service, a new ONT (Optical Network Terminal) with a 10G port and a ton of throughput was required. An ONT is a device that terminates the Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) connection at your premises and presents an Ethernet port for you to connect […]

Business improvements by our Clients

Customers at the steering wheel

Without our customers, we don’t exist. Pretty obvious I know, but through focusing on that simple reality we have realised that we need to bring in our customers to help plan the journey we are taking them on. The feedback gained is helping us improve and deliver better services, services that we know have our customer’s buy-in.  One way that […]

The Hidden Costs of Hyperfibre

Hidden Costs of Hyperfibre

Stupidly fast fibre is almost here, but there is a catch… Chorus, Enable and UltraFast Fibre have all announced plans to soon release the next generation of UFB services with 10Gbps access and speed options of 2Gbps, 4Gbps, and 8Gbps to be offered. The services are either called Hyperfibre (Chorus’ name) or XGS PON (a […]

ISP Peering Issues with Google

ISP Peering Issues

A number of ISPs had trouble with Google last week, but not Lightwire. Why? Last Friday a number of New Zealand and Australian ISPs experienced severe packet loss to Google, the issue appeared to impact some ISP’s accessing Google via a public peering exchange’s, but thankfully Lightwire was immune to the issue. All ISPs have […]

The only 3CX preferred partner on both sides of the Tasman

The only 3CX preferred partner on both sides of the Tasman

We are always looking at ways to add additional value for our clients. In order to add extra value, it made sense to expand on our existing business voice and telecom knowledge by partnering with 3CX. That was a while ago, and Lightwire has come a long way since then. Lightwire Business is now the […]

Lightwire’s Advisory Board

Lightwire's Advisory board

At Lightwire, we have been throwing a hell of a lot of time, effort and money into improving the business user experience, but recently we stepped back and paused to ask ourselves a few critical questions; How do we know that what we are working on aligns with our customer’s priorities? Do our customers know […]

Hyperfibre from Chorus

Chorus Hyperfibre

Well, that was one hell of an announcement… Details of Chorus’ news can be seen here but in short, they have released two new fibre services that improve on the current BS2/SBF services targeted at small business, and another that makes the current BS3a service look pretty average. The new Hyperfibre SMB services are offered […]