We want our efforts to have a positive impact on others. We want every transaction with our clients to result in us improving our planet.

Planting Trees

We want our efforts to have a positive impact on others. We want every transaction with our clients to result in us improving our planet.
Lightwire can’t change the world, but we can be a meaningful and well intentioned part of a bigger picture, one where businesses realise that they must give back to a planet with finite resources instead of getting lost in the pursuit of infinite returns.

Lightwire believes that it needs to play a role in improving the quality of life of staff, clients and all the people we are yet to meet.

We believe that the most effective way we can achieve these outcomes, in a way that scales up as we grow, is to pledge to plant a tree every time we sell an internet connection to a client.

In order to do this, we are partnering with Ata Rangi Pastoral who will plant the trees on our behalf.

We will take great pride in keeping anyone who will listen up to date with how many trees we have planted on behalf of our clients and staff, so keep tuned to our Twitter and LinkedIn feeds for updates as we get started.

Lightwire has had a positive role in the community for years, but as we continue to grow, we feel that we need to set our sights to have a wider focus, one that provides returns for all the communities we now work within across New Zealand and Australia.

As always, a big thanks goes to our clients and partners whose continued support allows us to grow and make efforts such as this.

About Ata Rangi Pastoral:

Ata Rangi Pastoral commenced in January 2015 with a total estate of 5650 ha which was previously all production forestry.  Of the total area, c4000ha Pinus Radiata has been harvested, with approximately 3200ha changed to pastoral farming with the balance replanted in forestry based on land suitability. The land had been in pinus radiata since the early 1920’s under government forest programs.

Within the Estate there are significant natural areas, (SNA), supervised by South Waikato District Council and 13 km of Waikato river frontage.  Since commencement we have increased the step back off the river to 25m and minimum 10m from significant natural areas and 3m from drains with 0.5m bunding to capture any sediment erosion. Previously Pinus Radiata had been planted right up and in these areas and ephemeral waterways.

To manage the setback areas created, we have completed an Ecological Baseline report measuring the flora, fauna and water quality through Kessels Ecology prior to any of land use change. This has identified ecological priority zones for planting and restoration.  This commenced in 2015 with two new wetlands, (2ha total) already established and 20,000 native trees planted so far in SNA’s.  The total priority zones are 42.9ha with 136k new plants required, so we are at the start of our journey of restoration.