Integrating 3CX with Teams for calling

Since the full release of 3CX Version 18, Lightwire can support our customers who want to combine 3CX’s feature set, such as advanced call routing and reporting functionality, with their existing Microsoft Teams deployment. To put it simply: 3CX can send calls into Microsoft Teams, and your Teams users can make calls to the public […]

Making NBN Installs Easy

making nbn installs easy

Organising where the fibre will be installed can be a time-consuming job. Almost everyone in IT has a story about a ridiculous place in an office to which they have seen fibre installed or some horrific rollout story as part of a project.   When you order NBN TC4 connections from Lightwire, you’re going to see reduced costs and complexity and a quicker time to […]

Lightwire is bringing the speed

UFB increases speeds

Chorus, the fibre company that provides Ultra Fast Fibre (UFB) across Auckland, Wellington, most of the South Island and many other towns, has made some big changes to its UFB speeds, and a few of the other Local Fibre Companies (LFC) have followed suit, so we are using it as an opportunity to help you […]

NBN Enterprise Ethernet

NBN - Enterprise Ethernet

NBN Enterprise Ethernet is a fair dinkum alternative your traditional NBN TC4 or TC2 connection that give you the reliability, bandwidth and CIR to meet your businesses needs.   To understand the forms and capabilities of these services let’s break down the product.  NBN for Enterprise NBN Enterprise Ethernet (NBN EE) is a direct fibre service that runs from your premises to the NBN […]

Alert level impacts on NZ fibre installs

alert level impact on nz fibre installs

It’s no surprise that the change in alert levels has disrupted many fibre installations across NZ. Here is the latest update on activity from all the major local fibre companies across NZ (LFC’s) and links to their sites for up-to-date announcements. For Lightwire Business, we continue to monitor the situation and keep our customers up […]

Internet Services Uptime Report

internet services uptime report

Historical reporting of uptime per service over 7 days, 30 days or 12 months. Allows you to view all services in a single and assess performance against SLA and track trends. Services ranked by lowest uptime with options to select 30 Days, 7 Days, 24 hours and past 12 months. Please note the 12-month view […]

Internet Services Metrics Report

internet services metrics report

Low performance services can be quickly identified with our latest customer facing value add feature that will allow customers to access jitter and latency reporting across all of their internet services in one report. Proactively stay on top of performance and investigate any issues experienced on dependant services and applications in an easy to view […]

Hyperfibre comes to Christchurch

Hyperfibre in christchurch cbd-01

Enable, the local fibre company providing wholesale (Ultra-Fast Broadband) UFB services in Christchurch, has this month announced that it will be introducing Hyperfibre products on the 28th July 2021 on a limited service release basis. The products will initially be available within the Christchurch CBD (all premises within the Bealey, Fitzgerald Moorhouse, Deans and Harper […]

Mobile Minute Alerting

mobile minute alerting - new feature from Lightwire

The latest feature to be added to illume for voice customers on bundled plans with 3CX, Teams Calling via Direct Routing, and SIP Trunking is Mobile Minute Alerting. Mobile Minute Alerting will notify the billing contact when their voice service is approaching exhaustion of the mobile minutes included in their plan or existing additional mobile […]

Circuit Utilisation Report

Circuit utilisation report blog cover

How do you know when you should increase or upgrade the bandwidth of your connection? To answer that and give you some guidance on best practices, consider implementing a simple capacity planning upgrade process that uses utilisation statistics. This will allow you to apply some rules of thumb, such as upgrading links when they reach […]

Lightwire’s Business NPS for 2021

LWB 2021 Survey

We sent out two key surveys in the first half of this year, the first was to gain feedback on our performance in the rural sector, and you can read all about that here.  The second, and most recent, was sent to our business clients. We now have the results, and in this blog, we are going to […]

Hyperfibre Chat with Ultrafast Fibre

Hyperfibre Chat with Ultrafast Fibre

Hyperfibre. It’s the future of New Zealand internet. If you’re interested in internet that’s faster than fast, you’ll love our panel chat with John Hanna (CEO of Ultrafast Fibre) and Peter Ensor (CTO of Ultrafast Fibre).  After watching the chat you’ll know about; What drove the evolution in GPON technology (more commonly known now as […]