How Queensland Rail upgraded IP transit capacity in 5 days

Lightwire Business delivers for Queensland Rail in record time.

Lightwire Business delivers for Queensland Rail in record time. On the 17th March 2020, Alison Day, GM Information and Communication Technology at Queensland Rail, was faced with a difficult assignment in response to evolving COVID-19 crisis.   “Queensland Rail has over 7000 staff, and due to the effects of COVID-19 we were in a position where a large number of those […]

Sky to become NZ’s next ISP

Sky to become NZ’s next ISP

Sky NZ has been looking for a way out of its earnings and valuation spiral for some time. In a period of rapidly changing consumer behaviour, both in terms of purchasing and viewing patterns, Sky has been forced to innovate. Recent efforts to adapt to the changing landscape have seen the purchase of the entertainment […]

Vocus buys Stuff Fibre – a good move?

Stuff Fibre logo

In a move that sees Vocus grow its fixed line subs by 10% to 220,000, it is buying Stuff Fibre. Vocus is a company that grew rapidly between 2010 and 2016 through M&A activity, picking up Maxnet, FX, Nextgen, Amcom and M2 among others. This led to a confused mess of companies, each effectively acting […]

Customer Led Innovation

Customer Led Innovation

The second round of advisory board meetings was a success – amazing features that will make our clients’ lives easier are planned! At Lightwire, we want key stakeholders to have a consistent and clear opportunity to help steer our direction. We have just wrapped up the second round of advisory board meetings with our diverse […]

COVID-19 impact on the Telco Sector


How will COVID-19 impact the telco sector?  Every business is feeling some level of strain under the impact of COVID-19, and telcos aren’t any different.  So how are telcos being affected? And what will determine how each one fares through this period?  Customer base  Businesses will continue to need internet and voice services while functioning, but many sectors […]

An Open Letter re COVID-19

Open letter re covid 19

We know that businesses are hurting due to COVID-19. That is why our account managers will be reaching out to ask if we can help and if there’s anything you need. This is an open letter to all our valued customers and partners; Businesses are already hurting due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), and we have no […]

Lightwire Response to COVID-19

Lightwire Response to COVID-19

We don’t need to tell you that these are uncertain times, with each week introducing new challenges as we all work to navigate through the various government and corporate responses to COVID-19. With New Zealand and Australia reporting cases of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) this document provides an overview of Lightwire’s response. Lightwire is looking to proactively […]

Lightwire’s Carbon Offsets

Lightwire offsetting carbon emissions

Lightwire takes further action against climate change Lightwire has made the call to cover the cost of carbon offsets on all work flights. This option has been selected on an ad-hoc basis by various team members up to this point, but this decision now removes any remaining ambiguity. Why do we need to do something […]

Lightwire to join new Christchurch Exchange

Lightwire first to join new Christchurch Exchange

Our friends at New Zealand Internet Exchange Inc (NZIX), a not-for-profit society providing carrier-neutral peering points across New Zealand, and have created a new exchange in Christchurch (CHC-IX). Lightwire is among the initial group of 6 Internet service providers and 2 content providers that are joining the exchange. Who is at the CHC-IX now or […]

The Hyperfibre ONT

Hyperfibre ONT

The Hyperfibre ONT, it’s a router too! With the release of Chorus’ Hyperfibre service, a new ONT (Optical Network Terminal) with a 10G port and a ton of throughput was required. An ONT is a device that terminates the Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) connection at your premises and presents an Ethernet port for you to connect […]

The Hidden Costs of Hyperfibre

Hidden Costs of Hyperfibre

Stupidly fast fibre is almost here, but there is a catch… Chorus, Enable and UltraFast Fibre have all announced plans to soon release the next generation of UFB services with 10Gbps access and speed options of 2Gbps, 4Gbps, and 8Gbps to be offered. The services are either called Hyperfibre (Chorus’ name) or XGS PON (a […]

Hyperfibre from Chorus

Chorus Hyperfibre

Well, that was one hell of an announcement… Details of Chorus’ news can be seen here but in short, they have released two new fibre services that improve on the current BS2/SBF services targeted at small business, and another that makes the current BS3a service look pretty average. The new Hyperfibre SMB services are offered […]