Teams Calling and 3CX – per channel billing

how per channel voice pricing saves you money

When it comes to pricing for voice services there are two key models: Per user pricing Per channel pricing Lightwire runs with per channel, and this blog is going to tell you why that results in a lower cost and more scalable solution for businesses. Let’s start with definitions… The per user model assigns a […] – a new domain for Lightwire

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4.5 years ago, we created a business focused unit within Lightwire, one that was to be focused on servicing business clients across Australia and New Zealand. This meant that Lightwire then had two distinct business units, Lightwire Rural (operating in NZ only) and Lightwire Business (operating in AU and NZ). Rural needed a NZ identity, […]

Lightwire purchases Connectplay

Lightwire purchases connectplay

We have some great news to share. London Green Group, Lightwire’s parent company, has purchased Connectplay, a business and residential hardware and software provider to the New Zealand and Australian telco markets. Connectplay’s services will be combined into Lightwire’s business offering going forward. Read on to find out why we made this move and what Lightwire’s […]

ID Verification process change

ID verification process change

We are always looking for ways to safeguard our customers and their data. Threats continue to evolve, so we can’t be static with our defense. That is why we have recently completed a review of our ID verification process and will be introducing new steps to that process. What does this mean? When you or […]

NZ lockdown update

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As New Zealanders find themselves waking to day 1 of lockdown, we want to take a moment to keep you informed as to what this all means for us from an operational perspective. Our support team is available as per usual, there will be no difference to support hours and staff levels. We have a […]

Lightwire brings Teams Calling to the USA

Lightwire brings teams calling to the usa

It has been a big 12 months for us at Lightwire, and last quarter saw another first for us – our first network build outside of Australia and New Zealand. Last financial year saw us add a number of enterprise clients to our books, many of which have teams based in countries outside of Australasia. […]

Wholesale billing simplified

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Voice services such as Teams Calling and 3CX present a fantastic opportunity for Managed Services Providers to add revenue.  You can create a profitable revenue line through providing voice services to your clients, but you need to be sure that billing will be simple and that you can provide an excellent end user experience. We have […]

Telcos vs MSPs – The line is blurring

Telcos vs MSPs – the line is blurring

Kordia’s recent acquisition of Base2, a managed IT, network, and security solutions company based in Auckland has shone a spotlight on how difficult it is becoming for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to find a partner that doesn’t directly compete with them. Kordia’s CEO Shaun Rendell was quoted as saying, “Clients today are looking for single-source solutions […]

Great customer experience starts with great people

Lightwire Team

Lightwire’s success is built off the efforts of fantastic people, we understand that and have a range of initiatives in place to ensure that we attract, and keep, the best. Our wellbeing program drives staff engagement, but as with any business process, we can’t improve what we don’t measure, so taking the pulse of our […]

What happens when things go wrong


Let’s talk about what happens when things go wrong. Regardless of which internet service provider (ISP) you are with, at some point in time you will experience an outage. This could be due to a fibre cut, a failure on the part of the ISP (there are a million things that can go wrong), a […]

Giving back to the planet

Lightwire planting trees

Sustainability, what does it mean for Lightwire? Like everyone else we want to make the world a better place… phrases like these, however, do not magically make a positive impact on our planet and society. Improving the planet requires hard work, dedication, and most of all, consistency. So, back to the main question, what are […]

Key principles in Lightwire’s success

Lightwire - South Bloc Building Hamilton

Lightwire is riding a wave at the moment, and that momentum has been created through making some fundamental changes and adopting some key business principles. We are not the first to adopt the business principles that we have, but I thought I would detail a few of them here, the ones that have really put […]